3Dprint.com glances at OrganTrans and regenHU

Simon MacKenzie, CEO of regenHU, partner of OrganTrans recently described in an interview to 3DPrint.com the mission of OrganTrans and the role of regenHU in such challenge project.

MacKenzie explained that OrganTrans uses regenHU’s 3D bioprinters to produce organoid-based liver constructs with organoid laden bioinks. He describes that if the feasibility of the approach in a mouse model will be verified, it will be groundbreaking for the disease, showing its potential as an alternative to transplantation for patients suffering from end-stage liver disease .

regenHU is a pioneer and global leader in tissue and organ printing technologies converging digital manufacturing, biomaterials, and biotechnology to lead transformational innovations in healthcare. regenHU are commited to provide disruptive technologies that will enable the community to make regenerative medicine a reality, to cover today’s researchers and tomorrow’s industrial biofabrication needs.

He emphasized that 3D bioprinting is currently behind 3D printing in other applications, however, it is expanding in Europe. And the role of projects like OrganTrans and companies, such as regenHU are pushing the technology onward.

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