How we attended the International Liver Congress™ 2022

On 22–26 June, Kerstin Schneeberger from Utrecht University gave a talk about the ORGANTRANS developed technology at the International Liver Congress™ 2022 in London. Organized by the European Association for the Study of the Liver this event connected more than 430 faculty specialists in hepatology with more than 5,000 other international delegates. They shared their knowledge, discussed current developments, challenges, and the future of hepatology. The ORGANTRANS technology was presented as a bright example of the complex liver model creation enabled by the developed 3D bioprinting liver tissue platform. Covering the complete cycle of development from cell sourcing to tissue bioengineering this technology will replace liver transplantation for patients with end-stage liver failure. It is ORGANTRANS’s ambition that this novel technique can not only be applied to hepatic systems but also to other organ systems in Regenerative Medicine.