ORGANTRANS M42 and review meetings | Prague, Czech Republic

We are thrilled to share the remarkable progress made during the final ORGANTRANS project M42 and review meetings that were hosted by @Amires in Prague, Czech Republic on 30-31 May. The meeting aimed to present the consortium’s results and discuss plans for the exploitation and continuation of the groundbreaking technology developed under the project. The consortium members also addressed vital regulatory considerations that facilitate the swift integration of these advancements into clinical practice. Additionally, representatives of the European Commission were present to review the progress made by the project and provide valuable feedback.

The ORGANTRANS project aimed to revolutionize organ transplantation by leveraging the power of stem cells, bioengineering, and 3D bioprinting. The platform developed within the project is a future alternative for organ transplantation medicine as it proposes a disruptive alternative to donor organs for patients with chronic end-stage liver diseases. The innovative approach involves utilizing a patient’s own healthy cells to generate new liver tissue in laboratory conditions using a cutting-edge liver tissue bioprinting platform. Additionally, this research created novel technologies that can be applied to other organ systems and tissues in the field of regenerative medicine.