ORGANTRANS technical workshop: synchronization and testing of a 3D-bioprinting platform and a tissue maturation bioreactor

The developed 3D-bioprinting platform and tissue maturation bioreactor were recently tested by our ORGANTRANS Consortium during a dedicated workshop at Utrecht University. The workshop aimed to integrate these systems into one platform and synchronize their work stages. In addition, they optimized a PEG-based hydrogel 3D-printing technique within a controlled atmosphere to standardize the bioprinting process. Two different biocompatible sacrificial materials, which are used to create channels in the printed hydrogel construct, were evaluated. Moreover, partners tested the printing directly in a substrate, which would minimize the handling of the construct when placed in the bioreactor. These elements are the essential blocks of the ORGANTRANS technology which aims to create a liver tissue 3D printing platform and replace liver transplantation for end-stage liver failure patients. Additionally, this platform can be scaled to other organ systems, as organoid technology is one of the largest parts of regenerative medicine.