ORGANTRNS technology was featured in Horizon Magazine

For some people with liver cancer, a liver transplant is the only hope for a cure. However, the availability of donated organs for transplant is severely limited and patients on transplant waiting lists are often dying.

Nowadays, many scientists are working on different alternatives to donor transplants for saving the lives of liver-cancer victims. One such alternative is developed within the EU-funded ORGANTRANS project. This technology proposes to take some of the patient’s healthy cells and print them with a 3D bioprinting liver tissue platform into a new organ in laboratory conditions.

Recently, the coordinator of the ORGANTRANS project, Gilles Weder from the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM), gave an interview about this technology describing its readiness level, current challenges, and 10-year horizon. The interview was published in the Horizon: The EU Research & Innovation Magazine in the article entitled “A silent killer, liver cancer prompts race to improve organ replacements”.