Programming Vascularization on Micro- and Macro-Scale in 3D Printed Tissue Constructs

When it comes to growing tissue constructs in vitro, ensuring the cells’ supply with oxygen and nutrients by integrating functional vascular structures remains a major challenge. Within the ORGANTRANS project, DWI Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials is developing a synthetic bioink that supports the growth of microvascular structures from dispersed spheroids. At the same time, the bioink can be printed into 3D structures with open, interconnected networks to ensure the nourishment of growing functional liver tissue.

This element is an essential block of the ORGANTRANS technology which aims to create a liver tissue 3D printing platform and replace liver transplantation for end-stage liver failure patients. In the long run, this platform can be scaled to other organ systems, as organoid technology is one of the largest parts of regenerative medicine.