Symposium for 3D Printing for Life Sciences | Muttenz

Have you heard about the Symposium for 3D Printing for Life Sciences which will take place in Muttenz on June 29? The main goal of this symposium is to provide an insight into the current state of the art of 3D Printing in various disciplines of Life Sciences. It will also offer a platform for stakeholders and researchers from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry as well as interested clinicians to exchange themselves with dedicated experts in the 3D Printing field. Among the invited speaker, our ORGANTRANS project coordinator, Gilles Weder from  CSEM, will present his groundbreaking work on “Tools for organoid-based biofabrication”. The organoid-based biofabrication is a basis of the ORGANTRANS technology that aims to replace liver transplantation for patients with end-stage liver failure through the development of a 3D bioprinting liver tissue platform. It is ORGANTRANS’s ambition that this novel technique can not only be applied to hepatic systems but also to other organ systems in regenerative medicine.

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